JCI Office Rental

JCI Office Rental was founded by Jacob Cohen, the CEO and founder of JCI Group Ltd, JCI Telecom and 30 other companies. Jacob is himself disabled so he understands the need for Disability Discrimination Act compliant offices.

JCI Office Rental is the first office rental company to offer new services and we are the only one that is fully DDA compliant. We are the first to offer a solution for the disabled community to get back to work and all our offices are available for the able bodied as well and we are the only company who can help other comapanies to offer DDA office space.

We have partners all over the world allowing us to offer office space in many countries.

We are office developers in the UK and the Rest of the World and we can build or adabpt offices specific to your needs.

We also offer an advertising service where we will promote your office space for £90 a week or £360 a month.

We can be agents for your office rental for a monthly fee of £1,500.

You can advertise your office sale through us for a fee of £400 per week or £1,600 a month.

We will also promote your land for £220 a week or £800 a month and you shop rental for £250 a week or £1,000 a month.

We have office rentals to suit all budgets, sizes and situations with top telecoms advertising support and advice and the first fully DDA compliant offices for disabled and none disabled. With affordable rent and low deposits we are not like the other office rental companies.

We are the 1st office rental company to offer these services and we mean it too.


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